Sunday, January 23, 2011

My new project: A Chair

I'm starting an upholstery class in February, I'll be doing this class with the lovely Fran (she found it I just tagged along).
So here is the chair, I'm thinking a black & blue stripe something regal.
What do you think?

X Kerri
Vintage Sew and So

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Out with 2010 In with 2011

I have found it really quite a challenge to write this post for 2 reasons mostly I’m just grateful to be a live and live in a first world country, in saying that 2010 has been quite a tough year.
It’s kind of hard to pin down what has made it so tough nothing major happened, it just seemed like every day was a struggle.
Maybe it was the crap Melbourne weather or maybe the constant demands from my family, kids who were just being kids, a partner who just wasn’t happy & blaming it on everyone & everything else, parents who think because you work part time that the rest of the time is free.( WOW big whinge from me)
So as you can see I’m mostly just grateful that it’s over. 

When I dig deep I find these things to be grateful for some of the challenges 2010 brought me:
1: Finally learning to pass more things on not keep them because”I might need that one day”.
2: The Melbourne hail storm that destroyed my car because it was on its last legs & now I have a brand new car. The house roof is being replaced too.
3: Walking out of my job, I was being taken for granted (my own fault trying to please everyone so they like me) It was a very empowering thing to do.
4: Big argument with my partner of 20yrs where we got a lot out in the open.
5: Got to meet & photo taken with a fave band.
I am really looking forward to this course & all of it’s challenges.
Love Kerri