Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The tale of A Little High Waist Skirt

Once upon a time a little girl wanted a floral high waist skirt form one of those yukky chain store.
Luckily she had a very clever mum who never threw anything out.
That clever mum was able to hunt through her patterns from when she was a girl (1986 see pattern below) & her fabric stash to find just the right ditsy floral print for the perfect skirt.
So they sat together and created a most magnificent skirt that cost nothing but time & love.
Now that little girls wears that skirt when ever she can.( And when that little girl is being a right pain her mum can sit and smile remembering the time they made a skirt).
X Kerri
PS: she's not so little she's a teenager.


  1. The skirt turned out really cute, and what a sweet time with your daughter.

  2. Cute skirt!! Plus, how wonderful that you and your daughter could spend this time making something together. I am sure memories were made along with the skirt!

  3. oh i know the chain shops you speak of haha
    - my preteen niece always wants to shop there and my sister just rolls her eyes haha
    it came out great!! well done and such pretty fabric too!!

  4. sooooooo damn sweet!!! it's beautiful!!! with a belt/sandals or wedges..eeek!!! xoxoox

  5. I'm sure if I look through my pattern collection I also have newspaper patterns dating from 1986....how satisfying for you to be able to use it now for your daughter....and it looks great!

  6. See, it pays to hang onto these classic patterns!

  7. I have a lot of my mum's old patterns from the 70's. There are some awesome designs in there.

  8. Very cute post Kerri.
    The skirt turned out nice.

    And Thanks so much for ur congrats, i'll have to get back to u on that cake.
    Dont think i let a chance like that pass me by.;)


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