Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A stripe T-Shirt skirt. How to make one.

I really needed something new to up date my wardrobe and am just a little bit in love with stripes.
So after searching pintrest  and finding some lovely stripe skirts I decided to make one.

This is one of my faves

This is so super easy to do. It took me all of 20min but even if it takes you all day, that doesn't matter because you'll have new skirt.

 The T-Shirt Fabric Skirt.
You will need T-shirt fabric, elastic, sewing machine, safety pin, pins & scissors.
OK Lets go!
I had some stripe t-shirt fabric just kicking around in my stash.  Decide how long you want your skirt to be.
Mine is just above my ankles. Then add 10cm this is for the waist band. I needed 97cm so if I was going to buy fabric I would get a metre.
Now take one end and wrap your fabric around your waist let it just drape over your hips this is where you decide how loose or tight you would like it to be. Once you have decied how you want it to fit put a pin in the top where the edge of the fabric meets rest of the fabric. This will be come your cutting line.

Now cut off any excess along the bottom, keeping your fabric still pined, fold your fabric right sides together(the bit you want the world to see) so the straight edge becomes the guide for you to cut other side seam.
Trimming off the excess along the bottom
The cutting line

Now you will have tube shape. Sew or overlock together.
a very unfortunate picture of me
Take your tube, turn the top of it down 10cm run a line of stitches around it, leaving a space big enough for your elastic to fit and an opening to tread the elastic through.
The waist band

Grab a safety pin attach it to one end of your elastic & thread it through the waist band of your skirt adjust it to the fit you want then use the safety pin to hold the spot.
Inserting the elastic.
Pin holding the elastic together.

Sew the elastic together then cut the excess off.

Turn you skirt the right way round. There is now need to hem it as it is T-shirt fabric. YAY.

Ta Da you have a NEW SKIRT.
I'm going to make a black one next.
♥ Kerri

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